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Gardens Overview and Map

Our three distinctive thematic gardens will fill you with wanderlust. At 33 degrees North latitude, we are perfectly situated to be in bloom 365 days a year. With intriguing plantscapes, our gardens transition from lush and tropical, to drought tolerant Mediterranean, to formal color-beds of annuals and perennials. There's no more beautiful and rejuvenating way to spend the day than strolling the gardens of Grand Tradition.

The Grand Tradition Property Map

1. Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens

Beverly Mansion Gardens

2. Courtyard and Fountain
3. Centennial Pecan Tree - over 100 years old
4. The Veranda Restaurant
5. Bronze Swan Sculpture
6. Lakeside Gazebo and Ceremony Site
7. North Gazebo
8. Beverly's Waterfalls

Compass Garden

9. Compass Garden Entrances
10. Ceremony Site
11. Garden Waterfalls
12. Scenic Overlook
13. Canary Island Palm and Compass

Arbor Terrace Gardens

14. Arbor Terrace Entrances
15. Pond and Overlook
16. Arched Stone Bridge
17. Hospitality Fountain
18. Waterfall and Ceremony Site

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