Your wedding reception will be quite the celebration! Lovely linens, gorgeous floral arrangements, dancing the night away; you and your guests are sure to have a fantastic time!

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However, there is one detail that you could choose to present that will certainly please your wedding guests, and that would be a dessert bar!

Are you aware of the delicious dessert bars that you can present at your own wedding? If not, you are in luck! As here at Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens, we have gathered some options to inspire you. If you would like to gain some delicious insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Ice Cream Sundae Bar. Add some nostalgia to your big day by presenting an ice cream sundae bar! This is a sure-fire way to please the taste buds of all of your guests, as you can present an array of flavors and toppings. From chocolate to vanilla, along with sprinkles and hot fudge sauce, you can guarantee that you everyone will enjoy this sweet treat.
  • Chocolate Fountain. Dipping some delicious goodies into a chocolate fountain can be enjoyed by all! Milk, white, Belgian dark chocolate; you can ensure that you guests will certainly enjoy any option that you choose to present. Once you pair this waterfall of chocolate with cookies, brownies, pretzels, and marshmallow treats for dipping, you will have combinations that will please anyone’s taste buds.
  • Hot Chocolate Bar. If you are having a fall or winter wedding, you can warm up your guests by showcasing a hot chocolate bar. Consider presenting milk, white, and dark chocolate options, along with marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles…the opportunities for deliciousness are truly endless. In addition, you can highlight candy canes or cinnamon sticks as stirrers.
  • S’mores Bar. How could you not enjoy roasting some marshmallows and creating some gooey s’mores? This campfire classic will certainly add some rustic deliciousness to your big day. With different flavored graham crackers and chocolates, you can let your guests indulge and a classic treat!
  • Candy Bar. No matter your age, you can always enjoy a piece of candy! With a candy bar, you can showcase an array of sweet treats, from chocolate covered goodies to sour gummies. This is a wonderful way to let your guests satisfy their sweet tooth’s. A candy bar also poses as the perfect wedding favor, as you can let your guests fill up goodie bags to take home with them.

With a dessert bar, you can add a dash of fun to your big day in tasty way! These are just a few options that you could choose for your own nuptials.

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Along with planning your dessert bar, you will also need to book your San Diego wedding venue. So, please feel free to contact us here at Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens, as we would be more than pleased with the opportunity to host your celebration as your Southern California wedding venue.


Photo Credit: ABM Photography