The 4th of July Celebration has had a long twelve-year history that, sadly has run its course here at Grand Tradition.


The 4th of July Celebration started in 2004 as a community event put on by the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance as a means to generate the much needed funds to support their efforts to maintain the art, landscaping and overall cleanliness of Fallbrook. Although the 4th of July Celebration will not see its thirteenth year, Grand Tradition would like to continue its commitment to the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance and to the community as a whole to make sure that they are funded throughout each year. Proceeds from all Grand Tradition’s Signature Events Series will now be donated.


To the community, thank you for your support and active participation making the past twelve years of 4th of July Celebrations unforgettable. We understand this will leave a bit of blank space for many families and hope you will join us again at some of the other events planned throughout the year.

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