Arbor Terrace

Tropical Destination. Arbor Terrace is often referred to as the stateside Hana Hawaii for those seeking a destination-style wedding. Palm trees swaying in the floral-laced breeze with cascading waterfalls evoke the romance of a tropical paradise. Guests are awed by the romantic isle feel of this ceremony site with its plunging waterfalls and colorful landscaping. Graceful bridges and water features enhance the site’s natural splendor.

The reception Pavilion includes a fabric-draped ceiling canopy painted in LED lighting to compliment your wedding design, built-in stone bar and buffet room. Designed to offer shelter while embracing the outdoors, the three-sided Pavilion lets guests dine while enjoying the adjacent garden patio and dance floor. The pavilion’s waterfall sparkles in the background, catching the glowing light from the handsome outdoor fireplace.

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